• Positioning


  • Seven main features

    Integrated time management mainstream solution, self-contained, easy to use but full of details

    1. 10,000 hours accumulation

    Record personal growth, 15 medals wait for you to receive

    Every minute is worth to be recorded, time and experience, and the visible progress will make us closer to the title of the master

    2. Quick ways to record time

    Multiple ways to record every minute around

    No matter it's countdown, timing, pomodoro, or manual adding time, you can easily record time, edit time, and assign time in every corner

    3. Pomodoro

    Let you focus on your current work better

    Entire newly designed Pomodoro function can be combined with timing which allows us to focus on the current work while also doing the time recording work

    4. Sleep system

    Differentiate between nap and sleep, it's the record also the alarm

    Better help to your sleep time record, and no limitation for alarm when screen was locked

    5. Sub-project and Todo List

    It's not just notes for record, but also a todo list for life

    Combine the concept of Sub-project with Todo List, with the most detailed planning and daily time management

    6. Planning and remind

    Multiple reminders to help you get organized every day

    Three reminder modes to take full advantage of the iOS system function, not only to remind you to drink water every day, but also to let you not forget the timing

    7. Detailed data

    Pie chart, radar chart, histogram, multi-angle display daily time utilization

    Fully release the energy of the data, fully understand your time allocation, use accurate statistics to help you plan better next time

  • Tools

    Some tools to help you better manage your time

    White Noise

    Medal system

    Data export



    Life Battery

  • Skills

    Part of tips to help you better use AmosTime

    1. 3D Touch adds time manually

    2. The generated record can also edit the start and end time

    3. Click on the circle to maximize or zero the sub-project duration

    4. When editing a record, clicking on a sub-project can make it done

    5. Sub-project which is expired can be restored by adding time

    6. The timer of the project or sub-project can be started quickly, and the project information will be automatically written to the record after the end of the timer

    7. After setting the related app, you can jump to that app after starting the timer, such as reading

    8. Idle can be renamed, and you can set a regular reminder, in case the forgetting of timing

    9. Statistics date can be changed by long pressing the screen

    10. You can see more information after the monthly statistics page is horizontal

    11. Individual white noise can be set for each project, and the default is automatically used without setting

    12. After sliding the project 3D Touch, there are options

    13. Project record list and diary list can be searched

    14. The project can choose which days of the week to display and the hidden ones can be retrieved in the archives

    15. Click on the motto to read aloud, and can be changed randomly by left stroke

    16. "Yesterday Review" can be switched to "Today Performance" by left stroke

    17. Upper right button on adding page is for adjusting the start time to the end of the previous project in two days

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